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Install RobotML Tooling

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Install RobotML-sdk

This presentation aims at helping you to install RobotML-sdk.

More information is available in different locations:

  1. As this sdk was developed thanks to the PROTEUS project, information can be found on its website,;
  2. The Formal robotic portal is the place where all accessible information, data, tools, etc can be found;
  3. This very document includes a detailed description of the different tools installed and how to test their correct installation using a specific installer.



RobotML-sdk is a set of tools developed or selected within the PROTEUS project when specifying it. As already explained and shown again on the picture, in order to provide the whole power of RobotML, there is a need to provide the different possible targets on which to generate actual behaviour for the robot either in simulators or in actual robots. It is available as a set of Debian packages for the selected project’s operating system Ubuntu Linux distribution.

Those tools are up-to-date on PROTEUS APT repository hosted by


The repository’s access is secured, as some software are not free, every member has credentials to install and update his distribution.

RobotML-sdk constitution

Here follows the list of tools included in the sdk.

Ubuntu installation

In order to harmonise software integration, Ubuntu Linux distribution was chosen.

  • The latest LTS, the 12.04 (32 bits, x86 architecture), is the reference version. LTS stands for Long Term Support (5 years), meaning for the 12.04, until 2017!
  • Download Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) (image CD ISO ~700 MB)
  • Follow instruction provided by Ubuntu to install image on your own computer


allow at least 10 GB for your installation (15 should be enough)


Section author: Pierrick Koch <>